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Examples of 'alternate' in a Sentence

1. The coach uses alternate players to keep the team fresh.
2. An alternate plan is ready if this one fails.
3. For a balanced diet, try alternate sources of protein.
4. The company offered alternate solutions to our issue.
5. Alternate paths up the mountain have different views.
6. We need an alternate strategy to win the game.
7. Use an alternate grip technique for better control.
8. They switch to alternate modes of transport in winter.
9. During the debate, they presented alternate viewpoints.
10. Have an alternate password for extra security.
11. He has alternate ways of performing the task.
12. Can you suggest an alternate time for the meeting?
13. The teacher gave us alternate questions to answer.
14. In the script, there's an alternate ending to consider.
15. The athletes will alternate running laps around the track.
16. We will alternate between different teams for each game.
17. The singer and the guitarist will alternate solos during the performance.
18. They decided to alternate between driving and resting during the long road trip.
19. The seasons alternate between hot summers and cold winters.
20. The conference will feature speakers who will alternate on different topics.
21. The dancers will alternate partners during the ballroom dance competition.
22. The meeting will alternate locations between the two offices.
23. We take turns to alternate the responsibility of taking out the trash.
24. The television show will alternate between drama and comedy episodes.
25. The traffic lights alternate between green, yellow, and red signals.

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