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Examples of 'alumni' in a Sentence

1. The alumni association provided scholarships for current students.
2. The alumni donated money to the school to fund new programs.
3. She joined the alumni association to stay connected with her alma mater.
4. The alumni association organized a fundraising campaign for the school.
5. The alumni game was held on the school's sports field.
6. The alumni from various classes gathered to celebrate the school's centennial anniversary.
7. Many successful alumni have left a lasting impact on their respective fields.
8. The alumni association regularly organizes reunions, networking events, and fundraisers.
9. Generous alumni contributions have funded scholarships for countless deserving students.
10. She met her future spouse at an alumni reunion, a story they often reminisce about.
11. The alumni network provides valuable career connections, opening doors for graduates.
12. The university proudly boasts a distinguished group of accomplished alumni.
13. Substantial alumni donations have supported numerous campus improvements.
14. Dedicated alumni mentors volunteer their time to offer guidance and advice to current students.
15. The alumni magazine regularly features the remarkable achievements of graduates.
16. The local alumni chapter hosted a successful charity fundraiser, raising funds for a worthy cause.
17. The school takes great pride in the accomplishments and contributions of its alumni.
18. Alumni often return to campus to participate in homecoming events, connecting with old friends.
19. The alumni directory is a valuable resource for graduates to stay connected with their peers.
20. The alumni board plays a vital role in overseeing various initiatives to benefit the university.
21. Active alumni involvement greatly enhances the overall college experience for students.
22. The prestigious alumni association annually honors outstanding graduates for their achievements.
23. Generous alumni support ensures the university's continued success and growth.
24. The alumni scholarship recipients expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the financial assistance.
25. The university values the ongoing contributions and involvement of its dedicated alumni community.

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