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Examples of 'amalgamate' in a Sentence

1. She plans to amalgamate her savings and investments into a single account.
2. These charities hope to amalgamate their efforts for greater impact.
3. They propose to amalgamate the rural schools into one central institution.
4. The community leaders wish to amalgamate their resources for the upcoming festival.
5. The proposal to amalgamate the small towns into a single administrative unit caused a stir.
6. The organization plans to amalgamate data from various sources for the research.
7. The plan is to amalgamate all the teams' ideas into a unified strategy.
8. We should amalgamate the feedback from all our customers to improve our services.
9. The architect wants to amalgamate different architectural styles in the building's design.
10. The objective of the project is to amalgamate traditional and digital art forms.
11. The band will amalgamate various musical genres in their next album.
12. The university plans to amalgamate the two departments to optimize resources.
13. The startup aims to amalgamate various online services into a single app.
14. The upcoming seminar will amalgamate insights from experts across multiple disciplines.


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