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Examples of 'amaze' in a Sentence


1. The scientific discoveries made by the researchers amazed the scientific community.
2. The precision and skill of the pianist's performance left the audience amazed.
3. The vastness of the universe never fails to amaze astronomers.
4. The technological advancements in the past decade have truly amazed us.
5. The incredible feats of strength performed by the weightlifter amazed onlookers.
6. The magician's ability to read minds amazed even the most skeptical spectators.
7. The architecture of the ancient temple amazed tourists from around the world.
8. The bravery and heroism displayed by the firefighters amazed the entire community.
9. The natural wonders of the world continue to amaze explorers and adventurers.
10. The intricate dance routine performed by the ballet troupe amazed the theatergoers.
11. The flavors and presentation of the gourmet meal amazed food critics.
12. The sheer size of the waterfall amazed visitors at the national park.
13. The agility and grace of the gymnast amazed the judges and secured her victory.
14. The speed and precision of the Formula 1 race car drivers never cease to amaze racing enthusiasts.


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