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Examples of 'ambient' in a Sentence

1. The sound of rain served as an ambient background for reading a book by the window.
2. The spa offered ambient treatments that included soft music and aromatherapy.
3. The city park had an ambient feel with its shaded pathways and gentle breeze.
4. The outdoor café was the perfect spot to enjoy the ambient city life.
5. The ambient temperature of the room was ideal for a comfortable night's sleep.
6. The ambient noise in the city was too loud for me to concentrate.
7. The video game's ambient sounds of nature added to the immersive gameplay experience.
8. The lounge featured ambient lighting that changed colors to create different moods.
9. The hiking trail led to an ambient waterfall, creating a serene oasis in nature.
10. The conference room had ambient lighting that could be adjusted to suit different presentations.
11. The ambient hum of the city streets became a comforting backdrop to daily life.
12. The ambient scent of fresh flowers greeted visitors as they entered the shop.
13. The spa's relaxation room had ambient music playing softly in the background.
14. The ambient sounds of waves crashing on the shore provided a calming ambiance to the beach.

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