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Examples of 'amble' in a Sentence

1. She decided to amble along the beach at sunset.
2. We amble through the park, enjoying the scenery.
3. The couple likes to amble through the quaint village.
4. He would often amble in the garden, lost in thought.
5. The tourists amble through the historic city streets.
6. We amble through the bustling market, taking it all in.
7. During our vacation, we plan to amble around town.
8. The elderly man prefers to amble at his own pace.
9. Let's amble through the charming old town square.
10. The cat loves to amble through the garden's greenery.
11. They amble leisurely, enjoying each other's company.
12. On weekends, they amble through the art gallery.
13. She likes to amble through the woods, listening to birdsong.
14. We amble along the river, savoring the tranquility.
15. The elderly couple amble down memory lane together.
16. The day is young, so let's amble along the lake and enjoy the view.
17. I would rather amble around the park than spend my afternoon inside.
18. We have all day to explore, so we should amble around the art district.
19. Sometimes, all you need to do is amble in the woods to reconnect with nature.
20. On warm spring days, I like to amble through the botanical gardens.
21. Feel free to amble around the garden, taking your time to admire the flowers.
22. Why not amble over to the cafe and enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee?
23. Rather than rush, let's just amble through the market today.
24. When you amble down this alleyway, you'll discover some hidden street art.
25. If you're ever in need of some relaxation, amble in the lavender fields.
26. Today, we should amble around the old town, it's like stepping back in time.
27. For a true Parisian experience, amble along the Seine as the sun sets.
28. When you visit, be sure to amble around our vineyards and enjoy the scenery.
29. I suggest we amble through the museum's new exhibit to fully appreciate its grandeur.

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