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Examples of 'amenity' in a Sentence

1. The beachfront resort's amenities make it a perfect vacation spot.
2. The apartment complex has amenities like a pet park and a coffee bar.
3. The shopping mall has a variety of amenities, from food courts to cinemas.
4. Airlines compete by offering in-flight amenities like Wi-Fi and entertainment.
5. The new office building will have modern amenities, such as a fitness center and a rooftop terrace.
6. The resort offers every imaginable amenity to its guests.
7. Access to a nearby park is a valuable amenity for residents in this neighborhood.
8. The apartment complex boasts a pool as its most attractive amenity.
9. A gym and spa are considered essential amenities in modern hotels.
10. The public library is a cherished amenity for the local community.
11. This housing development includes a playground as a family-friendly amenity.
12. Access to high-speed internet has become a vital amenity in today's world.
13. The apartment's most impressive amenity is its rooftop terrace.
14. The park's most prominent amenity is its picturesque lake.
15. The university campus provides an array of amenities for students.
16. The apartment's gym is a popular amenity among fitness enthusiasts.
17. The city park offers a variety of amenities, including picnic areas and walking trails.
18. A well-stocked convenience store is a welcome amenity for travelers.
19. The community center serves as a valuable amenity for social gatherings.
20. Residents in this neighborhood enjoy the amenity of a private beach.
21. The hotel's restaurant is a notable amenity for guests seeking dining options.
22. Access to public transportation is a significant urban amenity.
23. The new apartment complex prides itself on its green amenity spaces.
24. The rooftop garden is an oasis and a unique amenity in the heart of the city.


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