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Examples of 'amnesia' in a Sentence

1. His amnesia made it difficult for him to recognize even his closest family members.
2. The amnesia patient's journal entries served as a way to reconstruct her lost memories.
3. The psychologist conducted memory exercises to assist in amnesia recovery.
4. The character's case of amnesia added a twist to the storyline, keeping viewers intrigued.
5. She experienced transient global amnesia, which left her temporarily disoriented.
6. The amnesia caused gaps in his memory that he struggled to fill in.
7. The medical drama featured a complex case involving a patient with anterograde amnesia.
8. The cause of her sudden amnesia remained a mystery to the medical team.
9. The amnesia survivor's support group provided a safe space for sharing experiences.
10. The accident left him with amnesia, erasing years of his life from his memory.
11. The novel explored the psychological effects of amnesia on the protagonist's identity.
12. The neurologist conducted tests to determine the extent of the patient's amnesia.
13. The character's amnesia led to awkward and humorous situations in the story.
14. The documentary highlighted real-life stories of individuals who had recovered from amnesia.

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