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Examples of 'amnesty' in a Sentence

1. The human rights organization called for an amnesty for prisoners of conscience.
2. The amnesty provisions allowed for the safe return of exiles to their home country.
3. The truth and reconciliation commission offered amnesty to those who confessed to their role in past atrocities.
4. The amnesty proposal faced strong opposition from some members of parliament.
5. The successful amnesty program resulted in a significant decrease in crime rates.
6. The government's amnesty for political activists was a significant step towards reconciliation.
7. Amnesty, granted to former rebels, played a crucial role in ending the long-standing civil conflict.
8. Amnesty offers hope for healing and rebuilding nations torn by political strife.
9. Many nations worldwide support and advocate for comprehensive amnesty initiatives.
10. Amnesty is a powerful tool for promoting peace and stability after conflicts.
11. Amnesty laws have the potential to bridge deep divides and foster unity.
12. Political prisoners pinned their hopes on the imminent amnesty announcement.
13. The recently enacted amnesty law aimed to heal the nation's wounds and divisions.
14. Amnesty brought together former adversaries, fostering a sense of national solidarity.
15. The United Nations called for the widespread implementation of amnesty measures.
16. Amnesty acts as a catalyst for positive change in post-conflict societies.
17. Amnesty significantly eased tensions and contributed to regional stability.
18. For many, amnesty represents a fresh start and the opportunity for a brighter future.
19. The amnesty agreement was instrumental in promoting long-term stability.
20. Amnesty plays a pivotal role in post-war recovery and reconstruction efforts.
21. Amnesty offers a second chance at life for individuals entangled in political conflicts.
22. Debates about the merits of amnesty often center on the rights of victims and perpetrators.
23. Amnesty is a critical component of mending and rebuilding societies after turmoil.
24. Amnesty paves the way for reconciliation, helping nations move forward.
25. The government's amnesty program sought to rebuild trust among its citizens.
26. Critics raised concerns about the fairness and effectiveness of the amnesty process.
27. Amnesty implementation can be a complex and challenging endeavor.
28. Amnesty is indispensable for conflict resolution and lasting peace.
29. The declaration of amnesty marked a turning point in the nation's history.
30. Amnesty initiatives hold the promise of a more harmonious and inclusive future.


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