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Examples of 'amoral' in a Sentence

1. The antagonist in the movie was portrayed as amoral and ruthless.
2. The amoral nature of the corporation's practices drew criticism.
3. The villain's amoral code justified any means to achieve his goals.
4. His amoral disregard for others made him a pariah in society.
5. The amoral choices she made tarnished her reputation irreparably.
6. The amoral attitude of the mob boss struck fear into his underlings.
7. Amoral individuals often exploit loopholes in the legal system.
8. The amoral perspective in the novel challenged conventional ethics.
9. The amoral world of espionage blurs the lines between right and wrong.
10. The amoral culture of the criminal underworld was depicted vividly.
11. The amoral actions of the dictator outraged the international community.
12. The character's amoral philosophy rejected traditional morality.
13. In the wild, survival can be a purely amoral struggle.
14. The amoral decisions of the warlord led to widespread suffering.
15. The amoral character in the story lacked any sense of right or wrong.
16. The debate surrounding the use of artificial intelligence raises concerns about its potentially amoral decision-making capabilities.
17. The amoral actions of the antagonist shocked the readers, as they showed a complete disregard for ethical standards.
18. The amoral behavior of the corporation led to numerous ethical controversies.
19. The film explored the complex psychology of an amoral protagonist who justified his immoral actions.
20. The politician's amoral approach to governance prioritized personal gain over the welfare of the people.
21. The amoral nature of the business world often rewards cutthroat tactics and unethical practices.
22. The amoral stance of the character sparked discussions about the blurred lines between good and evil.
23. The amoral implications of genetic engineering raise ethical dilemmas regarding the manipulation of life.
24. The play challenged the audience's moral compass by presenting amoral characters in thought-provoking situations.
25. The amoral decisions made by the protagonist had far-reaching consequences for those around them.
26. The amoral perspective portrayed in the novel shed light on the darker side of human nature.


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