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Examples of 'amorous' in a Sentence

1. The park was a favorite spot for amorous couples.
2. His amorous advances were met with reciprocated affection.
3. The serenade was a declaration of his amorous feelings.
4. They stole amorous glances from across the room.
5. The romantic getaway was filled with amorous adventures.
6. The novel described the characters' amorous escapades.
7. Their amorous relationship was the envy of their friends.
8. The passionate kiss ignited their amorous desires.
9. The candlelit room created an amorous ambiance.
10. The amorous poem spoke of love's enduring flame.
11. The couple's amorous whispers were barely audible.
12. The wedding was a celebration of their amorous union.
13. His amorous intentions were clear from the start.
14. The amorous encounter left them both breathless.
15. The couple's amorous glances across the room hinted at their passionate love.
16. She couldn't resist his amorous advances and gave in to his charm.
17. The amorous couple strolled hand in hand down the beach, lost in their own world.
18. His amorous nature often got him into trouble with women who mistook his intentions.
19. She blushed at the memory of their amorous encounter the night before.
20. The amorous melody of the song set the perfect mood for a romantic evening.
21. His amorous gestures of love and devotion never failed to sweep her off her feet.
22. The young couple shared an amorous kiss under the moonlight, lost in their own passion.
23. His amorous fantasies often left him daydreaming at work, unable to focus on his tasks.
24. The amorous tension between them was palpable, neither wanting to break the spell.
25. The amorous energy in the air was contagious, as couples danced and flirted with abandon.


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