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Examples of 'amplify' in a Sentence

1. Social media platforms have the potential to amplify both positive and negative messages quickly.
2. To amplify the flavor of the dish, you can experiment with different herbs and spices.
3. Effective leaders know how to amplify their team's strengths while addressing weaknesses.
4. The orchestra's performance can amplify the emotional impact of a dramatic scene in a movie.
5. In times of economic uncertainty, government policies can either amplify or mitigate the challenges faced by businesses and individuals.
6. Adding amplifiers to the audio system will significantly amplify the volume, making the concert more exciting.
7. To create a powerful presentation, you can use visuals to amplify your key points and engage the audience.
8. The mentor's guidance can amplify your professional growth and open doors to new opportunities.
9. The scientific community strives to amplify our understanding of complex phenomena through research and experimentation.
10. The environmentalist's efforts aim to amplify awareness of the urgent need for conservation and sustainable practices.
11. Effective communication can amplify trust and collaboration within a team, leading to better results.
12. During a crisis, leaders must amplify their reassurance to provide a sense of stability to those affected.
13. The artist used vibrant colors to amplify the emotions conveyed in the painting, evoking a strong response from viewers.
14. When faced with a challenge, it's essential to amplify your determination and resilience to overcome obstacles.
15. The speakers at the conference used microphones to amplify their voices and reach the entire audience.
16. The social media campaign aimed to amplify the message of inclusivity and equality.
17. The sound engineer adjusted the settings to amplify the music for the outdoor concert.
18. The megaphone was used to amplify the coach's instructions to the players on the field.
19. The news article sought to amplify the concerns of the local community regarding environmental issues.
20. The public speaker employed powerful storytelling to amplify the impact of her message.
21. The marketing team implemented strategies to amplify brand awareness and reach a wider customer base.
22. The graphic designer added bold colors and striking visuals to amplify the visual impact of the advertisement.
23. The artist used a projector to amplify the size of the mural on the building's wall.
24. The politician held a press conference to amplify their stance on important policy matters.
25. The scientific research team conducted experiments to amplify the effects of a particular treatment method.


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