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Examples of 'analysis' in a Sentence

1. He conducted a detailed analysis of market trends.
2. Our analysis indicated potential areas for improvement.
3. The analysis of the crime scene was meticulous.
4. Critical analysis is essential for decision-making.
5. The analysis of historical documents can be fascinating.
6. A cost-benefit analysis helps make informed choices.
7. The analysis of the problem led to a viable solution.
8. She presented her analysis of the company's strategy.
9. The analysis of the experiment results was insightful.
10. The competitive analysis highlighted key competitors.
11. Data analysis is a crucial part of scientific research.
12. His analysis of the situation was both thorough and logical.
13. The financial analysis showed a positive outlook.
14. Careful analysis is the foundation of good decision-making.
15. The scientist conducted a thorough analysis of the research data to uncover meaningful correlations.
16. The financial analyst presented a detailed analysis of the company's performance during the board meeting.
17. The detective's analysis of the crime scene provided crucial evidence for solving the mystery.
18. The literary critic's analysis of the novel offered a thought-provoking interpretation of its underlying themes.
19. The market analysis indicated a growing demand for sustainable products in the consumer market.
20. The strategic analysis highlighted potential risks and opportunities in the competitive landscape.
21. The statistical analysis supported the hypothesis and confirmed the research findings.
22. The cost-benefit analysis helped the team assess the feasibility of the proposed project.
23. The environmental impact analysis examined the potential consequences of the construction project.
24. The SWOT analysis identified the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
25. The risk analysis report provided insights into the potential hazards and mitigation strategies for the project.

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