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Examples of 'anathema' in a Sentence


1. She considered smoking to be an anathema to her healthy lifestyle.
2. The dictator's reign was an anathema to the people's freedoms.
3. Racial discrimination is anathema to most people.
4. He was excommunicated by the church for heresy, making him an anathema in the eyes of many believers.
5. The idea of going to war was anathema to her pacifist beliefs.
6. The concept of censorship was anathema to the journalist's principles.
7. The smell of tobacco was anathema to her sensitive nose.
8. The notion of animal cruelty was anathema to the animal rights activist.
9. The idea of living in a city was anathema to the nature lover.
10. The prospect of public speaking was anathema to the shy introvert.
11. The thought of eating meat was anathema to the vegetarian.
12. To some, change is anathema, while others embrace it eagerly.
13. His radical ideas were seen as anathema to traditionalists.
14. The politician's policies became anathema to the opposition.
15. In their eyes, compromise was anathema to their principles.
16. For the environmentalist, pollution was anathema to nature.
17. To many, dishonesty is anathema in any relationship.
18. The concept of censorship is anathema to free speech advocates.
19. His views on education were considered anathema by educators.
20. For the health-conscious, fast food is anathema to well-being.
21. Some consider gossip anathema to maintaining trust.
22. In the realm of fashion, conformity is often anathema.
23. To innovation-driven companies, stagnation is anathema.
24. The artist's unconventional style was anathema to critics.


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