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Examples of 'anatomical' in a Sentence

1. Anatomical research contributes to medical advancements.
2. Understanding anatomical concepts is vital in healthcare.
3. The museum featured an exhibit on anatomical specimens.
4. The anatomical structure of the heart is intricate.
5. Anatomical knowledge is fundamental in biology.
6. The doctor performed an anatomical examination.
7. Her research focused on anatomical variations in primates.
8. The course covers the anatomical details of the nervous system.
9. Anatomical illustrations are essential in medical textbooks.
10. The anatomical study of fossils informs paleontology.
11. The lecture explored the anatomical basis of movement.
12. Anatomical differences can lead to varied medical conditions.
13. Anatomical dissection is a vital part of medical education.
14. The scientist specialized in the anatomical study of insects.
15. The surgeon carefully studied the anatomical structure of the heart before performing the intricate procedure.
16. The anatomy class used anatomical models to learn about the different systems of the human body.
17. The scientist conducted an anatomical analysis of the skeletal remains to determine the age and gender of the individual.
18. The artist created a detailed anatomical drawing of the human hand, capturing its intricate structure.
19. The textbook provided an in-depth explanation of the anatomical features and functions of the nervous system.
20. The medical student used anatomical terminology to accurately describe the location of the patient's injury.
21. The forensic expert used anatomical knowledge to identify the cause of death based on the examination of the body.
22. The surgeon relied on the precise anatomical knowledge to navigate through the complex network of blood vessels.
23. The museum displayed a collection of preserved anatomical specimens, showcasing the diversity of living organisms.
24. The scientist used advanced imaging techniques to create a three-dimensional anatomical model of the brain.
25. The study aimed to investigate the anatomical similarities and differences between human and primate skeletons.

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