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Examples of 'anatomy' in a Sentence

1. The museum's exhibit showcases the fascinating world of animal anatomy.
2. In forensic science, knowledge of human anatomy aids in solving crimes.
3. The course covers the basic principles of vertebrate anatomy.
4. Advances in technology have revolutionized the field of digital anatomy.
5. Studying anatomy is essential for medical students.
6. The intricate anatomy of the human body is fascinating.
7. She excelled in her anatomy class, understanding every detail.
8. The artist had a deep appreciation for the anatomy of animals.
9. Learning about the anatomy of plants helped him in his gardening hobby.
10. The anatomy of insects often surprises researchers with its complexity.
11. Medical illustrators need a keen understanding of human anatomy.
12. His interest in comparative anatomy led to groundbreaking discoveries.
13. The museum featured a fascinating exhibit on the anatomy of dinosaurs.
14. Understanding the anatomy of a machine is crucial for repairing it.
15. The surgeon's expertise in anatomy made the procedure seamless.
16. Exploring the anatomy of the brain is key to understanding cognition.
17. The professor's lectures on comparative anatomy were always engaging.
18. The book provided a comprehensive overview of avian anatomy.
19. Anatomical drawings are valuable tools for teaching medical students.
20. Dissecting cadavers is a traditional method of studying human anatomy.
21. She marveled at the intricacies of floral anatomy while gardening.
22. Digital 3D models have revolutionized the way we learn anatomy.
23. The TV show explained the anatomy of crime scene investigations.
24. Understanding the anatomy of language is essential for linguists.

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