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Examples of 'angelic' in a Sentence

1. The statue of the angel had an angelic expression on its face.
2. The harp's angelic music filled the cathedral with beauty.
3. The actor's angelic voice made him a natural choice for the lead role.
4. The garden was filled with angelic statues of cherubs and angels.
5. The elderly woman's angelic kindness touched the hearts of everyone she met.
6. Her angelic voice filled the room with a sense of serenity and hope.
7. The newborn baby's angelic face captivated everyone in the room.
8. His kindness and generosity revealed an angelic nature within him.
9. The sunset painted an angelic panorama of colors across the sky.
10. She possessed an angelic aura that drew people towards her.
11. The garden was a place of angelic beauty, filled with blooming flowers.
12. His angelic smile melted even the coldest of hearts.
13. The soft, angelic melody of the harp echoed through the cathedral.
14. In her angelic innocence, she believed in the goodness of all.
15. The white dove had an angelic grace as it soared through the sky.
16. The angelic choir's harmonious voices uplifted the congregation.
17. The angelic figure in the painting radiated a sense of divine grace.
18. Their love was like an angelic bond, unbreakable and pure.
19. The calm and angelic lake mirrored the surrounding mountains.
20. His angelic presence brought peace to troubled souls.
21. The scent of the roses was like an angelic perfume in the garden.
22. Her angelic laughter was contagious, spreading joy to all.
23. The old, weathered church had an angelic charm that endured.
24. The child's angelic dreams were filled with wonder and magic.
25. Their love story was nothing short of an angelic romance.


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