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Examples of 'annals' in a Sentence

1. The annals of war recount the struggles and triumphs of nations.
2. These events will be remembered in the annals of our time.
3. Her achievements are etched in the annals of women's history.
4. The annals of sports include memorable moments and records.
5. In the annals of music, his compositions hold a special place.
6. The annals of exploration tell stories of daring adventurers.
7. The annals of diplomacy record pivotal international agreements.
8. The annals of technology highlight innovation and progress.
9. The annals of art reveal the evolution of creative expression.
10. The annals of the company showcase its growth and challenges.
11. The annals of education reflect changing pedagogical methods.
12. The annals of fashion feature iconic designers and trends.
13. These discoveries will be added to the annals of scientific knowledge.
14. The university's annals document the history of the institution from its founding to the present day.
15. The annals of medicine are filled with stories of scientific breakthroughs and medical advancements.
16. The annals of the American Civil Rights Movement document the struggle for racial equality and justice.
17. The annals of World War II provide a sobering reminder of the horrors of war and the resilience of the human spirit.
18. The annals of sports are filled with stories of triumph and tragedy, from Olympic victories to heartbreaking defeats.
19. The annals of literature include the works of great writers throughout history, from Shakespeare to Toni Morrison.
20. The annals of science fiction trace the evolution of the genre from Jules Verne to contemporary writers.
21. The annals of space exploration are filled with achievements and setbacks, from the first moon landing to the Challenger disaster.
22. The annals of art history document the many movements and styles that have shaped the art world over time.
23. The annals of technology tell the story of human ingenuity and innovation, from the invention of the wheel to the digital age.
24. The annals of philosophy explore the fundamental questions of human existence, from ethics to metaphysics.

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