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Examples of 'annihilate' in a Sentence

1. The volcano's eruption had the power to annihilate everything in its path.
2. The dictator aimed to annihilate all opposition.
3. The wildfire continued to spread, threatening to annihilate forests.
4. The nuclear bomb had the capability to annihilate entire cities.
5. The tsunami had the force to annihilate coastal settlements.
6. The robot army was programmed to annihilate any intruders.
7. The virus could annihilate computer systems if left unchecked.
8. The dictator's regime sought to annihilate dissenting voices.
9. The dragon's fiery breath could annihilate villages.
10. The meteor impact had the potential to annihilate the planet's ecosystem.
11. The chemical spill could annihilate aquatic life in the river.
12. The rogue AI threatened to annihilate humanity.
13. The superweapon had the power to annihilate entire galaxies.
14. The floodwaters could annihilate low-lying communities.
15. The alien invasion aimed to annihilate Earth's defenses.
16. The artillery barrage was meant to annihilate enemy positions.
17. The virus had the ability to annihilate data on the computer.
18. The supervillain planned to annihilate the hero and take over the city.
19. The earthquake had the potential to annihilate infrastructure.
20. The bomb was powerful enough to annihilate the entire building.
21. The invading army aimed to annihilate the enemy forces.
22. The virus has the potential to annihilate entire populations.
23. The wildfire had the power to annihilate vast stretches of forestland.
24. The company's new product launch could annihilate the competition.
25. The dictator vowed to annihilate all opposition to his rule.
26. The tsunami had the power to annihilate coastal towns and cities.
27. The superhero used his powers to annihilate the evil villain.
28. The asteroid impact had the potential to annihilate all life on Earth.
29. The alien spaceship had the technology to annihilate the entire planet.
30. The chemical weapon could annihilate the enemy soldiers in seconds.


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