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Examples of 'annihilation' in a Sentence

1. The annihilation of the ancient texts was a tragedy.
2. The hurricane caused the near annihilation of the coastal town.
3. The conflict threatened the annihilation of the peace treaty.
4. Their relentless pursuit led to the annihilation of the criminal gang.
5. The extinction of species is often a slow process of annihilation.
6. The army was on a mission of total annihilation.
7. The disease posed a threat of annihilation to the population.
8. The forest fire was a force of complete annihilation.
9. The annihilation of her dreams left her devastated.
10. The annihilation of his reputation was swift and severe.
11. Preventing nuclear annihilation is a global concern.
12. The war resulted in the annihilation of entire villages.
13. The robot's lasers could cause mass annihilation.
14. The annihilation of prejudice requires education and empathy.
15. The atomic bomb caused widespread annihilation in the city, reducing it to rubble.
16. The military campaign aimed for the annihilation of the enemy forces, leaving no survivors.
17. The extinction event resulted in the annihilation of numerous plant and animal species.
18. The virus posed a threat of complete annihilation to the vulnerable population.
19. The team's victory brought the opponent to the brink of annihilation in the championship match.
20. The dictator's regime was known for its ruthless annihilation of dissenting voices.
21. The catastrophic natural disaster caused the annihilation of entire villages.
22. The superhero's powers allowed him to prevent the annihilation of the planet.
23. The scientist's groundbreaking discovery had the potential to lead to the annihilation of disease.
24. The extremist group sought the annihilation of opposing ideologies through violent means.
25. The magnitude of the explosion was so immense that it resulted in the near-total annihilation of the nearby town.

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