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Examples of 'annoy' in a Sentence


1. Do not annoy your teacher with irrelevant questions.
2. Teasing him about his fear of heights will only annoy him.
3. Inconsistent internet connectivity can annoy users, causing them to switch providers.
4. Playing pranks will annoy your coworkers and disrupt their focus.
5. Showing up late for appointments will annoy your friends and acquaintances.
6. Being overly critical might annoy your partner and cause arguments.
7. Unsolicited advice often does more to annoy than help.
8. Flashy pop-up ads will annoy your website visitors.
9. Don't let minor setbacks annoy you; stay focused on your goal.
10. Rude behavior in public places will definitely annoy others.
11. Procrastinating on tasks can annoy your team and delay the project.
12. Talking loudly on your phone in public spaces can annoy those around you.
13. Not respecting personal space might annoy people in crowded places.
14. Forgetting to mute during online meetings will annoy other participants.


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