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Examples of 'annual' in a Sentence

1. The garden show is an annual event for enthusiasts.
2. The annual festival celebrates local culture.
3. The magazine releases an annual "best of" issue.
4. The annual charity gala raises funds for a good cause.
5. The annual audit ensures financial transparency.
6. He attends the annual convention of tech enthusiasts.
7. The annual award ceremony recognizes outstanding achievements.
8. Our town hosts an annual food and wine festival.
9. The company's annual meeting is a significant event.
10. The annual meteor shower is a celestial spectacle.
11. The calendar includes all the major annual holidays.
12. The annual membership fee supports our organization.
13. The library hosts an annual book sale.
14. The school's annual talent show showcases student talent.
15. The company held its annual general meeting to discuss the financial performance of the past year.
16. The school organized its annual sports day, promoting healthy competition among students.
17. The annual report highlighted the achievements and challenges faced by the organization.
18. The farmers eagerly awaited the annual harvest season to reap the rewards of their hard work.
19. The annual conference attracted professionals from around the world to share their expertise.
20. The annual membership fee granted access to exclusive events and discounts.
21. The company's annual report provided a comprehensive overview of its financial performance.
22. The museum hosted its annual art exhibition, showcasing works by renowned artists.
23. The town celebrated its annual parade, with colorful floats and lively music.
24. The annual fundraiser raised a significant amount of money for the local charity.
25. The annual check-up with the doctor ensured the individual's overall health and well-being.
26. The annual fireworks display lit up the sky, marking the start of the new year.

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