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Examples of 'annuity' in a Sentence

1. She decided to convert her lump sum payment into an annuity to ensure financial stability.
2. The annuity payments helped cover their living expenses during retirement.
3. The insurance company offered various annuity options to cater to different needs.
4. An annuity can be structured to provide payments for a fixed period or for life.
5. The beneficiary received a monthly annuity following the policyholder's passing.
6. Many people rely on annuities as a reliable source of retirement income.
7. The annuity calculator helped them determine the amount of their monthly payments.
8. An annuity can act as a financial safety net during unexpected circumstances.
9. The pension plan included an annuity option for retiring employees.
10. The financial advisor recommended diversifying investments, including an annuity.
11. He chose an immediate annuity to start receiving payments right away.
12. The annuity provided peace of mind, knowing they had a guaranteed income for life.
13. An annuity can help bridge the income gap for those without a pension plan.
14. Her annuity provides a stable income during retirement.
15. They invested in an annuity for long-term financial security.
16. An annuity can be a smart choice for retirement planning.
17. He receives a monthly annuity from his pension fund.
18. The lottery winner opted for a lump sum instead of an annuity.
19. An annuity can ensure a consistent income after retiring.
20. They decided to purchase an annuity for their child's education.
21. A well-managed annuity can offer peace of mind in old age.
22. She structured her inheritance as an annuity for her heirs.
23. Many retirees rely on an annuity to cover living expenses.
24. Financial advisors recommend diversifying investments, including annuities.


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