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Examples of 'annulment' in a Sentence

1. An annulment can be a complex process, involving legal documentation and court appearances.
2. The annulment was granted on the grounds of deception and non-disclosure.
3. The couple decided to pursue an annulment after realizing they had rushed into marriage.
4. The annulment petition cited the lack of consent as a critical factor.
5. Her heartache lingered even after the annulment, as she mourned the lost dreams.
6. The annulment process requires both parties to provide evidence of their claims.
7. After the annulment, they had to divide their assets and go their separate ways.
8. The annulment was a bittersweet end to their once-hopeful marriage.
9. An annulment can provide a sense of closure and a chance to start anew.
10. The annulment proceedings shed light on the complexities of their relationship.
11. He regretted not seeking an annulment sooner to avoid a prolonged legal battle.
12. The annulment of their business partnership had significant financial implications.
13. An annulment can be emotionally challenging, as it forces a reevaluation of one's past.
14. The annulment process aimed to rectify the legal status of their marriage.
15. The couple decided to pursue an annulment rather than a divorce due to the circumstances surrounding their marriage.
16. The court granted the annulment, declaring the marriage null and void.
17. The couple's annulment was finalized, allowing them to move on with their lives as if they had never been married.
18. An annulment was necessary because one of the parties was found to be underage at the time of marriage.
19. The annulment proceedings revealed that the marriage had been entered into under duress.
20. The couple had a religious annulment to dissolve their marriage within the confines of their faith.
21. The court denied the annulment request, citing insufficient evidence to prove the grounds for nullifying the marriage.
22. He regretted his impulsive decision and wished he could obtain an annulment to erase the marriage from his record.
23. The annulment process was complex and required the couple to provide extensive documentation and proof of their claims.
24. The couple's annulment was met with mixed reactions from their families and friends.
25. The lawyer specialized in family law and had extensive experience handling annulment cases.

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