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Examples of 'anomalous' in a Sentence

1. The findings were deemed anomalous by experts.
2. Anomalous artifacts hinted at a lost civilization.
3. The sudden power outage was anomalous.
4. Anomalous patterns in the stars fascinated astronomers.
5. His anomalous talent set him apart from others.
6. Anomalous incidents can be difficult to predict.
7. The anomalous rock formation was a geological wonder.
8. Anomalous phenomena often spark scientific curiosity.
9. Anomalous behavior in nature can be a sign of change.
10. The anomalous event left a lasting impression.
11. Anomalous signals on the radar raised concerns.
12. Anomalous results prompted further investigation.
13. The anomaly in the data warranted further study.
14. Anomalous experiences challenge our understanding.
15. The scientist discovered an anomalous result that challenged the existing theories.
16. The weather forecast predicted an anomalous heatwave in the middle of winter.
17. The student's performance on the test was anomalous compared to their usual high scores.
18. The anomalous behavior of the machine puzzled the engineers, requiring further investigation.
19. The detective noticed an anomalous pattern in the witness statements, raising suspicions.
20. The researcher found an anomalous species of butterfly that had never been seen before.
21. The doctor was puzzled by the patient's anomalous symptoms, requiring additional tests.
22. The historian uncovered an anomalous event in the ancient records, contradicting previous accounts.
23. The astronomer detected an anomalous celestial object that defied current astronomical models.
24. The geologist discovered an anomalous rock formation that deviated from the surrounding geological structures.
25. The team conducted experiments to replicate the anomalous results obtained in previous studies.


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