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Examples of 'antagonistic' in a Sentence

1. The antagonistic attitude of the boss created a toxic work environment.
2. The movie portrayed an antagonistic character who constantly tried to undermine the hero.
3. The teacher addressed the antagonistic student's disruptive behavior in a calm and assertive manner.
4. The antagonistic nature of the online forum led to frequent conflicts and arguments.
5. The new neighbor's antagonistic demeanor made it difficult for others to establish friendly relationships.
6. The antagonistic comments on social media escalated into a full-blown online feud.
7. His antagonistic remarks during the meeting only fueled the tension.
8. The antagonistic relationship between the two nations escalated.
9. She adopted an antagonistic stance toward her rival.
10. The boss's antagonistic behavior demoralized the team.
11. Their antagonistic attitudes hindered productive collaboration.
12. The debate turned antagonistic as tempers flared.
13. He wore an antagonistic expression throughout the discussion.
14. The antagonistic tone of the email offended many recipients.
15. The siblings had an antagonistic rivalry since childhood.
16. The candidate's antagonistic remarks alienated voters.
17. The teacher tried to diffuse the antagonistic atmosphere in class.
18. The court case became increasingly antagonistic.
19. The coach's antagonistic coaching style drove players away.
20. Her antagonistic critique of the project upset the team.
21. The board members had an antagonistic disagreement.
22. Their antagonistic exchange of words ended in a heated argument.
23. The neighbors had an antagonistic dispute over property lines.
24. The antagonistic response to the proposal was unexpected.
25. The employee's antagonistic behavior led to disciplinary action.
26. The antagonistic comments on the forum derailed the discussion.

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