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Examples of 'antagonize' in a Sentence

1. If you keep dismissing their ideas, you'll antagonize your peers.
2. Using offensive language in your speech will antagonize the audience.
3. Challenging the traditions of the community may antagonize its elders.
4. Consistently underdelivering on promises will antagonize your clients.
5. He tends to antagonize his friends with his unkind jokes.
6. If you argue without respecting their viewpoint, you'll antagonize the other party.
7. Inconsistent policies can antagonize your workforce, leading to low morale.
8. Bragging about your wealth and success can antagonize people around you.
9. Avoid actions that will antagonize your competitors unnecessarily.
10. Inflating prices without improving quality will antagonize your customers.
11. Being dismissive of cultural sensitivities can antagonize the local population.
12. Refusing to acknowledge your mistakes will only antagonize those you've wronged.
13. Failure to respect privacy will antagonize your friends and acquaintances.
14. Her frank and honest comments antagonize many people.


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