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Examples of 'antecedent' in a Sentence

1. She studied the antecedent trends to predict the future.
2. The antecedent actions led to unforeseen consequences.
3. History often reveals important antecedent causes.
4. The antecedent document contains valuable information.
5. The antecedent events led to the outbreak of the conflict.
6. Mary studied the antecedent chapters before diving into the new material.
7. The detective carefully examined the antecedent clues to solve the mystery.
8. In the sentence, "She picked up the book and read it," "book" is the antecedent of the pronoun "it."
9. The antecedent experience helped him handle the challenging situation.
10. The antecedent conditions of the forest made it susceptible to wildfires.
11. She studied the antecedent cultures to understand the evolution of modern societies.
12. The scientist examined the antecedent climate data to predict future weather patterns.
13. The novel makes numerous references to the protagonist's antecedent life in Italy.
14. Understanding the antecedent events in history is vital for learning from the past.
15. The lawyer explored the antecedent cases to build a strong argument in court.
16. The programmer created a code to find the antecedent values in the data set.
17. To solve the puzzle, one must take into account the antecedent clues provided.
18. The psychologist considered the patient’s antecedent behavior to assess their current mental state.
19. Her antecedent knowledge of the subject allowed her to answer the questions effortlessly.
20. The engineer inspected the antecedent infrastructure to gauge the need for upgrades.

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