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Examples of 'anthropology' in a Sentence

1. Studying anthropology broadens one's perspective on the human experience.
2. Modern anthropology often incorporates technology to analyze ancient civilizations.
3. Anthropology is a dynamic field that constantly adapts to our evolving world.
4. Ethical considerations are paramount in conducting research in anthropology.
5. Anthropology offers valuable insights into the shared history of humanity.
6. Anthropology explores the cultural diversity of societies around the world.
7. She pursued a degree in anthropology to study human behavior and societies.
8. Cultural anthropology delves into the customs and traditions of different groups.
9. The anthropologist conducted fieldwork to understand the local community's dynamics.
10. Linguistic anthropology examines how language influences culture and identity.
11. Ethnographic research is a key method used in cultural anthropology.
12. Medical anthropology studies the intersection of health and culture.
13. Anthropology helps us better understand the evolution of human societies.
14. The conference focused on the latest advancements in biological anthropology.
15. Anthropology sheds light on how societies adapt to environmental changes.
16. The anthropologist's book provided insights into the rituals of indigenous tribes.
17. Archaeological anthropology uncovers ancient human settlements and artifacts.
18. Anthropology plays a crucial role in promoting cross-cultural understanding.
19. The documentary explored the role of anthropology in solving historical mysteries.
20. Cultural anthropology challenges ethnocentric viewpoints by studying diverse societies.
21. Anthropology's holistic approach considers both biological and cultural aspects of humanity.
22. The anthropologist's work revealed the interconnectedness of human societies.
23. Anthropology examines how individuals interact within their social structures.
24. The professor's passion for anthropology inspired many students to pursue the field.

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