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Examples of 'anthropometric' in a Sentence


1. Engineers consider anthropometric factors in product design.
2. Anthropometric tools assist in designing accessible spaces.
3. The ergonomics expert collected anthropometric data.
4. Anthropometric studies show diversity in body types.
5. He specializes in anthropometric research on athletes.
6. Apparel companies use anthropometric data for sizing.
7. Anthropometric data informs nutrition guidelines.
8. The chair's design considers anthropometric factors.
9. The study explored the anthropometric variations in twins.
10. Anthropometric measurements aid in body composition analysis.
11. Anthropometric research enhances healthcare solutions.
12. The artist used anthropometric proportions in the painting.
13. Anthropometric data helps prevent workplace injuries.
14. Anthropometric research contributes to fitness innovations.
15. Anthropometric measurements are used to assess a person's body composition and physical characteristics.
16. The designer used anthropometric data to create ergonomic furniture that suits different body types.
17. Anthropometric studies revealed differences in height and weight between populations from different regions.
18. The research team collected anthropometric data from a diverse group of participants for their study.
19. Anthropometric charts provide reference values for height, weight, and body mass index.
20. The anthropometric analysis showed significant variations in facial features among different ethnic groups.
21. The clothing industry utilizes anthropometric data to develop size charts for better fit and comfort.
22. Anthropometric measurements play a vital role in designing customized prosthetics for individuals.
23. The anthropometric assessment indicated that the patient's weight was within the healthy range.
24. Anthropometric data helped researchers identify trends in physical growth and development over time.
25. The anthropometric survey aimed to gather data on body dimensions to inform product design.
26. Anthropometric data revealed a correlation between height and certain health outcomes in the study population.

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