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Examples of 'anxious' in a Sentence


1. Anxious parents waited for news of their missing child.
2. The looming deadline left her feeling anxious and stressed.
3. The turbulent flight made passengers anxious.
4. Anxious anticipation filled the room before the announcement.
5. His anxious pacing indicated his unease.
6. She tried to calm her anxious thoughts with deep breaths.
7. Anxious students reviewed their notes before the exam.
8. Anxious employees feared potential layoffs.
9. Anxious about public speaking, she practiced for hours.
10. The sound of thunder made the dog anxious.
11. The uncertainty of the situation left everyone feeling anxious.
12. Anxious travelers checked the departure board for updates.
13. He felt anxious about meeting his partner's parents.
14. Anxious moments of silence hung in the air during the meeting.
15. She felt anxious about her upcoming job interview.
16. The student was anxious to receive their exam results.
17. The anxious mother waited nervously for news of her child's safe arrival.
18. The anxious dog paced back and forth during a thunderstorm.
19. The team was anxious before the championship game.
20. I'm anxious to hear the outcome of the meeting.
21. The anxious traveler checked the departure board repeatedly for any delays.
22. The anxious student studied late into the night before the important exam.
23. She felt anxious about making a good impression on her first day of work.
24. The parents were anxious about their child's performance in school.
25. The doctor reassured the anxious patient before the surgery.

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