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Examples of 'apathetic' in a Sentence

1. Their apathetic reaction to the news was disheartening.
2. He became increasingly apathetic as the project dragged on.
3. Apathetic voters often lead to low turnout in elections.
4. The apathetic response to the charity fundraiser was concerning.
5. Her apathetic expression showed she didn't care.
6. An apathetic approach to problem-solving yields no results.
7. Apathetic employees can negatively impact workplace morale.
8. They found themselves in an apathetic relationship.
9. The apathetic reaction to the environmental crisis is alarming.
10. He displayed an apathetic attitude towards his health.
11. Apathetic leadership can hinder an organization's progress.
12. Apathetic students lack enthusiasm for learning.
13. The apathetic mood in the room was palpable.
14. An apathetic response to injustice perpetuates inequality.
15. The students seemed apathetic to the teacher's lecture, not showing any interest or enthusiasm.
16. After a long day at work, Jenny felt too apathetic to engage in any meaningful conversation.
17. The council’s apathetic response to the crisis was heavily criticized by the media.
18. His apathetic attitude towards the environment was alarming to those who deeply cared about nature.
19. It was surprising to see Mark apathetic about the football game, as he was usually a big fan.
20. The apathetic audience made the comedian rethink his career choice.
21. The teacher was concerned about the apathetic expressions on the students' faces during the science lesson.
22. The employees became apathetic about the company's mission after years of unfulfilled promises.
23. Unfortunately, the citizens were too apathetic to vote, resulting in a very low turnout on election day.
24. His apathetic demeanor in the face of criticism was seen as a sign of strength by some and indifference by others.
25. The doctor was worried about the patient’s apathetic reaction to the important news regarding his health.

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