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Examples of 'apoplectic' in a Sentence


1. He went apoplectic when he saw the mess in the kitchen.
2. The politician's apoplectic speech fueled heated debates.
3. An apoplectic argument ensued over the disputed inheritance.
4. The apoplectic parent confronted the school administration.
5. The apoplectic reaction online turned into a viral sensation.
6. A miscommunication could lead to an apoplectic response.
7. She felt apoplectic when her team lost the championship game.
8. He was apoplectic when he caught his wife in bed with another man.
9. He was apoplectic at the judge's decision to award alimony to his ex-wife.
10. The coach was apoplectic when his star-player showed up ten minutes into the game.
11. The commuter was apoplectic at the news of the rail strikes.
12. The chairman was apoplectic at the decision to cancel his funding.
13. She became apoplectic with rage when she found out her husband had been cheating on her.
14. He turned apoplectic with fury when he saw the damage to his car.
15. The coach was apoplectic with anger after the team's poor performance.
16. The news of the company's bankruptcy left her apoplectic with shock.
17. He became apoplectic with excitement when he won the lottery.
18. The revelation that her best friend had been lying to her made her apoplectic with betrayal.
19. He turned apoplectic with embarrassment when he realized he had forgotten his pants.
20. The teacher became apoplectic with frustration when the students refused to listen.
21. She was apoplectic with joy when her team won the championship.
22. He became apoplectic with disgust when he saw the state of the bathroom.
23. The politician's apoplectic reaction to the scandal made headlines.
24. She was apoplectic with anxiety when she realized she had lost her keys.


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