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Examples of 'apothegm' in a Sentence

1. The teacher encouraged students to create their own apothegms.
2. "A stitch in time saves nine" is a practical apothegm.
3. The apothegm "Know thyself" is attributed to Socrates.
4. He lived by the apothegm "Carpe Diem."
5. The apothegm "Actions speak louder than words" guided his decisions.
6. Many cultures have their own aphorisms and apothegms.
7. The poet often incorporated apothegms into his verses.
8. The ancient philosopher's apothegms still resonate today.
9. The book of apothegms offered daily doses of wisdom.
10. The apothegm "All that glitters is not gold" warns of deception.
11. He began his speech with a famous apothegm.
12. The motivational speaker shared inspirational apothegms.
13. The apothegm "Two wrongs don't make a right" promotes ethical behavior.
14. The book of ancient apothegms contains pearls of wisdom from philosophers throughout history.
15. He shared an apothegm from his grandmother that he holds close to his heart.
16. The teacher started the class with an apothegm to set the tone for the lesson.
17. The speaker opened their speech with a thought-provoking apothegm that captured everyone's attention.
18. The writer included an apothegm at the beginning of each chapter to provide insightful guidance.
19. The team's coach frequently used apothegms to motivate and inspire the players.
20. The ancient philosopher is known for his collection of apothegms that still resonate today.
21. The poet often incorporated apothegms into their verses to convey deeper meaning.
22. The book of apothegms serves as a source of daily inspiration for many readers.
23. The old sage's apothegms are cherished for their timeless wisdom and profound insights.
24. The speech concluded with a powerful apothegm that left a lasting impression on the audience.


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