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Examples of 'appalled' in a Sentence

1. She felt appalled by the injustice of the situation.
2. The graphic images in the documentary left viewers appalled.
3. The revelation of corruption in the government appalled citizens.
4. His appalled reaction showed his moral outrage.
5. The CEO's unethical decisions left employees appalled.
6. The child abuse case left everyone in the courtroom appalled.
7. She was appalled by the hate speech at the rally.
8. The discovery of the crime scene appalled investigators.
9. The inhumane treatment of refugees appalled the world.
10. The politician's offensive remarks left voters appalled.
11. The sight of the polluted river left onlookers appalled.
12. The appalled parents demanded action against the bullies.
13. The appalled jurors convicted the criminal without hesitation.
14. The appalled silence in the courtroom spoke volumes.
15. I was appalled by the blatant disregard for human rights displayed in the documentary.
16. The teacher was appalled by the students' disrespectful behavior towards their classmates.
17. The residents were appalled when they discovered the extent of pollution in their local river.
18. The CEO was appalled by the embezzlement scheme that had been going on unnoticed for years.
19. The community was appalled by the politician's insensitive remarks about marginalized groups.
20. He was appalled at the sight of the neglected and malnourished stray animals.
21. I was appalled to find out that the company had been knowingly selling faulty products.
22. The audience was appalled by the actor's offensive and derogatory jokes during the performance.
23. She was appalled by the discriminatory hiring practices of the company she had applied to.
24. We were appalled to learn that the local government had misused public funds.
25. The professor was appalled by the students' lack of basic knowledge in the subject matter.

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