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Examples of 'apparition' in a Sentence

1. An apparition of a woman in white haunted the attic.
2. The mysterious apparition vanished into thin air.
3. The old mansion was known for its apparitions.
4. The apparition's mournful wails echoed in the night.
5. They reported an apparition floating above the lake.
6. The apparition's cold touch sent shivers down their spines.
7. The haunted forest was rumored to host spectral apparitions.
8. The apparition's footsteps could be heard in the empty hallways.
9. A ghostly apparition beckoned them into the darkness.
10. The apparition's whispering voice chilled their souls.
11. An apparition of a long-lost loved one brought comfort.
12. They encountered an unsettling apparition in the attic.
13. The apparition's presence filled the room with dread.
14. The ghost hunters hoped to capture evidence of an apparition.
15. Startled, she thought she saw an apparition in the old abandoned house.
16. The legend spoke of a ghostly apparition that haunted the castle at midnight.
17. The apparition appeared as a shimmering figure in the misty forest.
18. Witnesses claimed to have seen a ghostly apparition floating above the graveyard.
19. The paranormal investigators captured an apparition on camera during their investigation.
20. The child woke up frightened, claiming to have seen a shadowy apparition in their room.
21. The apparition vanished as quickly as it had appeared, leaving behind an eerie silence.
22. The old folklore spoke of a weeping apparition that haunted the nearby lake.
23. The apparition's pale face and tattered clothing sent shivers down their spine.
24. The townspeople shared tales of an apparition that wandered the streets at night.
25. The artist painted a hauntingly beautiful apparition in their latest masterpiece.
26. The investigator described the apparition as a translucent figure with glowing eyes.


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