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Examples of 'appeal' in a Sentence

1. The advertisement aims to appeal to a wide range of consumers.
2. The artist's unique style of painting has a broad appeal among art enthusiasts.
3. The politician's speech failed to generate any appeal among the crowd.
4. The charity's campaign seeks to appeal to donors' sense of compassion.
5. The product's packaging is designed to appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.
6. The author's latest book is expected to have a strong appeal to young readers.
7. The new restaurant offers a menu that appeals to diverse culinary tastes.
8. The film's storyline has a universal appeal, resonating with audiences worldwide.
9. The athlete's exceptional skills on the field have broad appeal among sports fans.
10. The fashion brand's latest collection has an edgy appeal for trendsetters.
11. The nonprofit organization's cause appeals to those passionate about social justice.
12. The novel's protagonist has a relatable appeal, drawing readers into the story.
13. The company's marketing campaign aims to appeal to the nostalgia of older consumers.
14. The technology's user-friendly interface is designed to appeal to novice users.


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