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Examples of 'appease' in a Sentence

1. She offered to do the household chores to appease her frustrated roommate.
2. The company decided to offer a refund to appease dissatisfied customers.
3. The mayor announced a plan to appease concerns over rising crime rates.
4. The chef added extra seasoning to the dish to appease the customer's taste.
5. The landlord reduced the rent to appease the tenants' complaints.
6. The negotiator made concessions to appease the opposing party.
7. The CEO implemented a new policy to appease employee demands.
8. The government released political prisoners to appease international pressure.
9. The teacher gave the students extra recess time to appease their restlessness.
10. The president delivered a speech to appease concerns about the economy.
11. The coach changed the team's strategy to appease the frustrated fans.
12. The captain offered a compromise to appease the conflicting opinions among the crew.
13. The company donated to a charitable cause to appease public criticism.
14. The supervisor organized a team-building activity to appease employee morale.


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