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Examples of 'appendage' in a Sentence

1. Starfish use their tube feet as sensory appendages.
2. The bird's colorful feathers serve as both insulation and display appendages.
3. The medical condition caused abnormal growth on her skin appendages.
4. The sea creature's tentacles are specialized appendages for capturing prey.
5. The machine had various interchangeable appendages for different functions.
6. Frogs use their long tongues as a unique feeding appendage.
7. Some species of fish have bioluminescent appendages to attract prey.
8. The plant's tendrils are modified leaf appendages for climbing.
9. The caterpillar's tiny appendages help it move and grip surfaces.
10. The prosthetic limb acted as a functional appendage for the amputee.
11. Spiders use their silk-spinning appendages to create intricate webs.
12. The surgeon removed the damaged appendage to prevent further complications.
13. The snake's fangs are venom-injecting appendages used for hunting.
14. The crab's large claw is its most prominent appendage.
15. Insects often have antennae as sensory appendages.
16. The robot's robotic arm served as a versatile appendage.
17. A seahorse's prehensile tail is a unique appendage.
18. Some lizards can regenerate a lost appendage.
19. An octopus has numerous tentacles as appendages.
20. Human fingers and toes are considered appendages.
21. The spider's web-spinning spinnerets are vital appendages.
22. Birds' wings are specialized appendages for flight.
23. The centipede's numerous legs function as appendages.
24. The surgical procedure aimed to remove the problematic appendage.


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