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Examples of 'applaud' in a Sentence

1. The speaker's powerful words prompted everyone to applaud.
2. The students applauded their teacher for her patience and guidance.
3. We should applaud those who work tirelessly to protect the environment.
4. The audience was moved to applaud the moving rendition of the song.
5. The company's success deserves to be applauded.
6. The community came together to applaud the local heroes.
7. I applaud your resilience and determination in the face of adversity.
8. Let us take a moment to applaud the remarkable resilience of the human spirit.
9. The efforts of the medical professionals deserve our applause and gratitude.
10. The children excitedly applaud the magician's tricks.
11. The actor received a standing ovation, with the audience eager to applaud.
12. The team's incredible comeback earned them thunderous applause from the spectators.
13. The audience continued to applaud, unwilling to let the performance end.
14. We applaud the philanthropic efforts of those who help those in need.

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