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Examples of 'applicant' in a Sentence

1. We'll notify the successful applicant by the end of the week.
2. The applicant's cover letter showcased their passion for the role.
3. The panel of judges will assess all the applicants fairly.
4. Each applicant must complete the online application form.
5. The university admitted only a few exceptional applicants.
6. The applicant's references spoke highly of their skills.
7. We encourage every qualified applicant to apply.
8. The applicant's enthusiasm shone through in the interview.
9. The organization received an influx of membership applicants.
10. The applicant's portfolio displayed their artistic talents.
11. The committee will interview shortlisted applicants next week.
12. The applicant demonstrated a strong commitment to the project.
13. The selection process is highly competitive, with many strong applicants.
14. We will notify all applicants of our decision within a month.
15. The company received hundreds of applications from qualified applicants for the open position.
16. The scholarship committee reviewed the profiles of all the applicants before making their decision.
17. The university sends acceptance letters to successful applicants each year.
18. The job interview involved multiple rounds of evaluation to narrow down the pool of applicants.
19. The scholarship program awarded grants to deserving applicants based on their academic achievements.
20. The hiring manager interviewed several strong applicants for the managerial role.
21. The admissions office sent rejection letters to unsuccessful applicants.
22. The committee carefully assessed each applicant's qualifications and experience.
23. The applicant was asked to provide references who could speak to their professional abilities.
24. The organization selected a diverse group of applicants for their internship program.
25. The job fair attracted a wide range of employers and eager applicants.

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