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Examples of 'appreciation' in a Sentence

1. The teacher's guidance left a lasting mark of appreciation.
2. Her kindness was met with sincere appreciation from those she helped.
3. The generous donation was met with overwhelming appreciation.
4. The author's work garnered global recognition and appreciation.
5. Family gatherings are a time for reflection and appreciation.
6. The community expressed their appreciation for the local hero.
7. A handwritten note can convey your appreciation more deeply.
8. His music touched the hearts of many, earning universal appreciation.
9. The award was a token of their appreciation for her dedication.
10. True appreciation lies in understanding the value of simple moments.
11. The ceremony was a celebration of achievement and appreciation.
12. A small gesture can convey profound appreciation.
13. His humility and talent earned him the appreciation of all.
14. The team's hard work and dedication deserved every bit of appreciation.
15. I expressed my heartfelt appreciation to the volunteers for their dedication and hard work.
16. The artist was delighted by the audience's enthusiastic appreciation of her artwork.
17. The employee received a bonus as a token of the company's appreciation for his exceptional performance.
18. The community organized an event to show their appreciation for the local firefighters.
19. The teacher's appreciation for her students' progress was evident in her encouraging words.
20. The recipient of the award expressed her deep appreciation for the recognition.
21. The company hosted an appreciation dinner to honor its long-serving employees.
22. I wrote a heartfelt letter of appreciation to my mentor for their guidance and support.
23. The author's book received critical acclaim and appreciation from readers worldwide.
24. The charity organization expressed their appreciation to the donors for their generous contributions.
25. The musician humbly acknowledged the crowd's thunderous applause as a sign of their appreciation.

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