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Examples of 'apprehend' in a Sentence


1. The team of officers coordinated their efforts to apprehend the suspect.
2. It is the duty of law enforcement to apprehend individuals who break the law.
3. The vigilant citizen helped apprehend the shoplifter until the police arrived.
4. The surveillance footage will aid in the effort to apprehend the suspect.
5. The detective employed clever tactics to apprehend the elusive serial killer.
6. The police set up a roadblock to apprehend the speeding driver.
7. The officer used his training to apprehend the aggressive suspect without harm.
8. The brave civilian assisted in apprehending the assailant during the robbery.
9. The detective's instincts told him exactly where to apprehend the suspect.
10. The police deployed a K-9 unit to apprehend the fleeing suspect.
11. The surveillance team waited patiently for the perfect moment to apprehend the target.
12. The detective managed to apprehend the art thief in the act.
13. The cooperative witness provided crucial information to apprehend the drug dealer.
14. The police apprehended the robbery suspect after a high-speed chase.
15. Law enforcement worked tirelessly to apprehend the fugitive.
16. Detectives had to apprehend the elusive serial killer.
17. They managed to apprehend the notorious art thief at the airport.
18. The security team moved swiftly to apprehend the trespasser.
19. Officers apprehend individuals suspected of drug trafficking.
20. The SWAT team was called in to apprehend the armed suspect.
21. Border patrol agents apprehend illegal immigrants at the border.
22. The authorities apprehend cybercriminals involved in hacking.
23. Federal agents apprehend white-collar criminals for financial fraud.
24. The undercover operation aimed to apprehend the drug cartel's leader.


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