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Examples of 'apprehensive' in a Sentence

1. The barking dog left the mail carrier feeling apprehensive during deliveries.
2. His apprehensive tone revealed his unease about the impending decision.
3. The rocky path ahead left them apprehensive about the hike.
4. They were apprehensive to board the old, creaky roller coaster.
5. The uncertain outcome of the experiment made the scientists apprehensive.
6. She was apprehensive about attending the family gathering after years of absence.
7. Despite his apprehensive feelings, he decided to take a leap of faith.
8. The thought of public speaking left her feeling apprehensive and jittery.
9. He felt apprehensive as he waited for the results of his medical tests.
10. The team was apprehensive about facing the reigning champions in the tournament.
11. The changes in the company's management had everyone feeling apprehensive.
12. The dark alleyway made her feel apprehensive and on edge.
13. The ominous silence in the haunted house left them all feeling apprehensive.
14. The growing tension between the two countries had the diplomats apprehensive.


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