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Examples of 'apt' in a Sentence


1. His witty remarks were always apt for the occasion.
2. Her calm demeanor was apt for a crisis counselor.
3. The athlete's agility was apt for the sport.
4. The politician's speech was apt for the current climate.
5. His storytelling skills were apt for captivating audiences.
6. The software's user-friendly interface was apt for beginners.
7. The detective's instincts were apt for solving mysteries.
8. The mountain climber's physical strength was apt for the ascent.
9. Her sense of timing was apt for comedy.
10. His choice of words was apt for conveying empathy.
11. The mechanic's diagnostic skills were apt for the repair.
12. The pilot's precision was apt for a safe landing.
13. His analytical mind was apt for data analysis.
14. Her compassionate nature was apt for a healthcare profession.
15. She has an aptitude for music and can play multiple instruments with ease.
16. His timely and apt response diffused the tense situation.
17. The student provided an apt explanation for the complex scientific concept.
18. The comedian's apt humor had the audience in stitches.
19. The coach recognized the player's aptitude for leadership and appointed them as captain.
20. The detective's apt deduction led to the solving of the mysterious case.
21. The book's title was apt, perfectly capturing the essence of the story.
22. The artist used colors in an apt way to evoke the desired emotions in the painting.
23. Her precise and apt calculations impressed the entire class.
24. The speaker's apt examples made the topic more relatable and understandable.
25. The candidate's apt qualifications made them an ideal fit for the job.


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