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Examples of 'aqueduct' in a Sentence

1. The aqueduct's restoration preserved its historical and functional value.
2. The aqueduct's cascading waterfalls provided a scenic backdrop for the town.
3. Ancient aqueducts revolutionized urban living by delivering clean water.
4. The aqueduct's intricate network stretched across miles of rugged terrain.
5. The ancient aqueducts were engineering marvels that transported water across vast distances.
6. The aqueduct system provided a reliable water supply to the growing city.
7. Tourists marveled at the impressive architecture of the Roman aqueduct.
8. The aqueduct played a crucial role in irrigating the farmlands and sustaining the crops.
9. The maintenance crew worked tirelessly to ensure the aqueduct's smooth operation.
10. The aqueduct's crumbling structure raised concerns about its preservation.
11. The water flowed gracefully through the aqueduct, quenching the thirst of the city.
12. The aqueduct's construction required skilled engineers and laborers.
13. Hiking alongside the historic aqueduct allowed us to appreciate its grandeur.
14. The aqueduct brought fresh water from the mountains to the valley below.
15. The aqueduct's importance to the city's survival was evident in its maintenance budget.
16. The aqueduct's intricate design incorporated arches and channels to control water flow.
17. The aqueduct system was a lifeline in arid regions, enabling settlements to thrive.
18. Learning about the history of the aqueduct shed light on ancient water management.
19. The aqueduct's remnants were a testament to the society's advanced engineering.
20. The aqueduct's path was carefully planned to navigate challenging terrain.
21. The aqueduct's collapse led to a water shortage crisis in the city.
22. The aqueduct tour provided insights into the technology used by ancient civilizations.
23. Exploring the underground tunnels of the aqueduct revealed its hidden complexities.


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