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Examples of 'arbitrary' in a Sentence

1. She was criticized for her arbitrary research methods.
2. The politician was criticized for his arbitrary policy changes.
3. He was criticized for his arbitrary art choices.
4. She was criticized for her arbitrary promotions.
5. The company's promotions were criticized for being arbitrary.
6. The arbitrary punishment was seen as unjust.
7. The arbitrary decision to cancel the event disappointed many attendees.
8. Her seemingly arbitrary choice of colors for the painting puzzled art critics.
9. The manager's sudden and arbitrary rule changes made work more challenging.
10. We couldn't fathom the arbitrary grading criteria used for the project.
11. His unexpected and arbitrary comments during the meeting derailed the discussion.
12. The teacher's seemingly arbitrary quiz questions caught us off guard.
13. The referee's controversial and arbitrary call led to heated arguments.
14. The judge's seemingly arbitrary ruling left both parties unsatisfied.
15. The arbitrary allocation of funds among departments raised concerns.
16. The CEO's sudden and arbitrary decision negatively impacted company morale.
17. Her seemingly arbitrary taste in music surprised her friends.
18. The arbitrary pricing of the product raised eyebrows among consumers.
19. The professor's arbitrary assignment deadlines created stress for students.
20. The mayor's arbitrary zoning changes sparked a fierce controversy.
21. The editor's arbitrary and extensive edits altered the article's entire tone.
22. The coach's seemingly arbitrary lineup changes confused the players.
23. The politician's arbitrary promises lacked credibility among voters.
24. The landlord's arbitrary and restrictive rules consistently annoyed tenants.
25. The designer's arbitrary font choice seemed out of place with the theme.
26. The referee's frequent and seemingly arbitrary penalties disrupted the game's flow.


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