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Examples of 'archive' in a Sentence

1. The library's archive is a treasure trove of rare books and manuscripts.
2. The family archive includes heirlooms passed down through generations.
3. The film director consulted the studio's archive for inspiration.
4. The online archive provides a wealth of information on the topic.
5. The artist's personal archive reveals their creative process.
6. The archive room is climate-controlled to preserve delicate materials.
7. The archive contains photographs documenting the city's history.
8. The archive's catalog helps users locate specific documents.
9. The archive staff digitizes old photos to make them accessible online.
10. The archive serves as a resource for genealogists researching family history.
11. The archive of letters offers insights into the author's life.
12. The news outlet maintains an archive of past broadcasts.
13. The music archive features rare recordings of classical performances.
14. The archive room is off-limits to the public for preservation purposes.
15. The archive's curator is responsible for organizing and cataloging materials.
16. The art gallery's archive provides details on each exhibited piece.
17. The archive's primary goal is to preserve cultural heritage.
18. The archive's contents are a valuable resource for historians.
19. The library's archive is a hub for academic research and study.

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