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Examples of 'argot' in a Sentence

1. The spy novels often incorporate spy argot to create an authentic atmosphere.
2. The argot of street artists includes various symbols and codes used to communicate covertly.
3. The argot of the fashion industry constantly evolves with new trends and terminology.
4. The argot of medical professionals can be challenging for laypeople to comprehend due to its specialized vocabulary.
5. The detective quickly picked up on the criminal's argot, allowing him to infiltrate their operation.
6. The argot of surfers is filled with terms to describe wave conditions, maneuvers, and the surf lifestyle.
7. The detective had to decipher the criminal's argot to crack the case.
8. Street performers often have their own unique argot.
9. The sailors used a nautical argot filled with maritime terms.
10. The hacker community has developed an argot to discuss their craft.
11. In the world of finance, there's an argot of acronyms and jargon.
12. He was fluent in the argot of the skateboarders at the park.
13. The thieves communicated in a secret argot to avoid detection.
14. Learning the argot of a new profession can be challenging.
15. The professor used academic argot that baffled the students.
16. Journalists have a professional argot to describe newsroom processes.
17. The argot of musicians includes technical terms and slang.
18. The argot of the medical field can be difficult for outsiders to understand.
19. The IT team used argot to discuss complex coding issues.
20. The actors on set had their own argot for discussing scenes.
21. Chefs often have their own culinary argot in the kitchen.
22. The cryptographers developed an argot for secure communication.
23. She quickly picked up the argot of the local community.
24. The argot of the legal profession is filled with Latin phrases.
25. The argot of the construction workers included trade-specific terms.
26. Understanding the argot of online forums can be a challenge for newcomers.


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