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Examples of 'argumentative' in a Sentence

1. An argumentative spirit, he’d turn even a compliment into a dispute.
2. Rachel, argumentative, often questioned every rule and instruction given.
3. With an argumentative tone, every conversation edged towards conflict.
4. Tom was known as argumentative, always keen to dispute others’ views.
5. Argumentative and bold, she never backed down from a heated debate.
6. His argumentative style, though irksome, made him a skilled debater.
7. She wore her argumentative badge with pride, thriving in hearty debates.
8. Always argumentative, Sarah made a simple chat a complex debate.
9. The argumentative child questioned every statement his teacher made.
10. Meetings with Mark, ever argumentative, were prolonged, heated affairs.
11. Being argumentative was Jane’s trait, making every talk a challenge.
12. Argumentative peers made decision-making a lengthy, contentious process.
13. His argumentative stance was evident, turning talks into debates swiftly.
14. Tina, argumentative, had a knack for turning discussions into disputes.
15. She is known for being argumentative and always finding reasons to contradict others.
16. The siblings engaged in an argumentative exchange over the choice of restaurant for dinner.
17. The student's argumentative essay presented a well-reasoned analysis of the topic.
18. The professor appreciated the argumentative approach taken by the students in their research papers.
19. They had an argumentative discussion about the implications of the new policy.
20. Her argumentative demeanor made it challenging to reach a consensus during group projects.
21. The book sparked an argumentative debate among readers with conflicting interpretations.
22. The politicians engaged in an argumentative debate over the proposed legislation.
23. The argumentative tone of his emails created unnecessary tension in the office.
24. The argumentative article drew both support and criticism from readers.
25. He had a reputation for being argumentative, often engaging in debates on various topics.


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